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Acco Hostel

Acco Hostel ligger mindre än 10 minuter med bil från Stadshuset och Fotografiska museet Här...

Acco Hostel ligger mindre än 10 minuter med bil från Stadshuset och Fotografiska museet. Här ingår wi-fi och gäster som vill hålla sig aktiva hittar vandrings-/cykelleder i närheten. Alla gästrum har tvättmaskiner/torktumlare, kylskåp och mikrovågsugnar.

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Boka Hotellet hos Booking GRATIS avbokning på de flesta hotellen & rummen. fr. 165 kr
Boka Hotellet hos Hotels Samla 10 nätter, få 1 bonusnatt! fr. 286 kr
Boka Hotellet hos Trivago Över 1 miljon hotell och 250 bokningssidor att jämföra pris för! Kontrollera
Om Acco Hostel:
  • Nära Zinkensdamm T-bana
  • Statdsdel i Stockholm är Södermalm
Service på Acco Hostel:
  • Gratis Wifi/internet
  • Hotell & Övernattning
  • Intressant plats
  • Etablissemang

In- & Utcheckning

  • Incheckning: ?
  • Utcheckning: ?

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  • Långholmens Husbilscamping 4.1/5
  • Tantolunden 4.4/5
  • Högalidsparken 4.4/5
  • Stockholm Trädvård, Trädfällning Trädfällare 5/5
  • Skinnarviksberget 4.6/5
  • Tantogårdens Bangolf 4.6/5
  • Bergsgruvan 3.4/5
  • Mariaberget 4.2/5
Restauranger, caféer & mat nära Acco Hostel:
  • Marie Laveau 3.6/5
  • Bistro Barbro 4.6/5
  • Magnolia 4.2/5
  • Patricia 3/5
Museum, konst & kultur nära Acco Hostel:
  • Juste Gallery 4.6/5
  • The Unstraight Museum 4.2/5
  • Keramikgruppen Kaolin ek för 4.3/5
Nattklubbar, barer & nattliv nära Acco Hostel:
  • Debaser Hornstulls Strand 3.7/5
  • DJ STOCKHOLM 4.6/5
  • Tjiget 3/5
  • King Kong 4.4/5
Shopping & butiker nära Acco Hostel:
  • Tara Kadampa Buddhistcenter 4.4/5
  • Kaprifol Blomsterhandel AB 5/5
  • Isakstadt 4.2/5
  • Hornstull market 3/5
Kyrkor & Religösa platser nära Acco Hostel:
  • Högalids Kyrka 4.6/5
  • Högalids Församlingsexpedition 4.2/5
  • Frälsningsarmén 3.4/5
  • Mask 3/5
  • S:t Paulskyrkan 4.4/5

Bilder från närliggande platser

Här är bilder från intressanta platser nära Acco Hostel

Ta sig till Acco Hostel:

Tågstationer nära Acco Hostel:
  • Stockholms södra (1,4 km, 17 min att gå)
  • Stockholms Centralstation (2,9 km, 38 min att gå)
Tunnelbana nära Acco Hostel:
  • Zinkensdamm T-bana (0,3 km, 3 min att gå)
  • Tunnelbana Mariatorget (0,7 km, 8 min att gå)
  • Hornstull T-bana (0,8 km, 10 min att gå)
  • Mariatorget T-bana (1,2 km, 14 min att gå)
  • Gamla Stan T-bana (1,7 km, 22 min att gå)
  • T-Centralen (2,7 km, 36 min att gå)
  • Östermalmstorg T-bana (3,4 km, 44 min att gå)
Spårvagnsstationer nära Acco Hostel:
  • AB Stockholms Spårvägar (4,3 km, 54 min att gå)
Busstationer nära Acco Hostel:
  • Ansgariegatan (3 m, 1 min att gå)
  • Zinkensdamm T-bana (0,3 km, 3 min att gå)
  • Ringvägen (0,3 km, 4 min att gå)
  • Varvsgatan (på Hornsgatan) (0,4 km, 5 min att gå)
  • Ansgariegatan (på Lundagatan) (0,5 km, 6 min att gå)
  • Lignagatan (0,5 km, 7 min att gå)
  • Hornsgatan/Rosenlundsgatan (0,6 km, 7 min att gå)
  • Högalidskyrkan (0,6 km, 7 min att gå)

Flyg & läge:

Flygplatser i Stockholm nära Acco Hostel:

  • Stockholm Bromma Flygplats

    Stockholm Bromma Flygplats ligger 8,8 km från Acco Hostel. Det tar cirka 17 min att köra med bil mellan flygplatsen och Acco Hostel.

  • Stockholm Arlanda Flygplats

    Stockholm Arlanda Flygplats ligger 47,1 km från Acco Hostel. Det tar cirka 37 min att köra med bil mellan flygplatsen och Acco Hostel.

  • Skavsta Flygplats

    Skavsta Flygplats ligger 101 km från Acco Hostel. Det tar cirka 1 tim 7 min att köra med bil mellan flygplatsen och Acco Hostel.

  • Stockholm Västerås Flygplats

    Stockholm Västerås Flygplats ligger 108 km från Acco Hostel. Det tar cirka 1 tim 12 min att köra med bil mellan flygplatsen och Acco Hostel.

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Boka Hotellet hos Booking GRATIS avbokning på de flesta hotellen & rummen. fr. 165 kr
Boka Hotellet hos Hotels Samla 10 nätter, få 1 bonusnatt! fr. 286 kr
Boka Hotellet hos Trivago Över 1 miljon hotell och 250 bokningssidor att jämföra pris för! Kontrollera

Google Places Betyg 3.2/5

Betyg från 2.8/5

  • Kommentar från Jorge Tobarra del Buey

    It is a good hostel to go with friends, it's clean and cosy, although if you go on your own you may feel a bit out if place if the group you share room with is already there. As a overall grade I'll say 7/10, I enjoyed there

    //Jorge Tobarra del Buey

    2016-05-15 07:56:53
  • Kommentar från María Salomón

    It was cheap so we chose it to sleep for a few days. It was... basic. The worse part were the showers, they were dirty and the only one where you could shower alone was so dark that I had to use the flash on my mobile phone to see something. At least the beds were not that bad, just really noisy.

    //María Salomón

    2016-05-27 19:14:41
  • Kommentar från Zarko Petkovic

    Stayed there for 2 nights. It's small but very calm and clean. If you are looking for a place to stay for a night or two this is perfect place. Staff is of great help and make sure to book as long as you need because you would be in same problem as I did and that is that you can't extend ur stay.

    //Zarko Petkovic

    2016-01-29 13:59:53
  • Kommentar från Ian Buck

    Clean, friendly staff, well situated. It is very small (the kitchen in particular is quite cramped) but for the price they charge I can't complain.

    //Ian Buck

    2014-12-24 15:45:06
  • Kommentar från Ralph Facker

    Allí mi gato huele a comida de gato.

    //Ralph Facker

    2013-03-03 16:34:11
  • Kommentar från marone wiesenkönig

    Great Hostel! You check in with a code, you have a nice room with comfortable beds. You have a code for your bedroom door too

    //marone wiesenkönig

    2016-07-31 18:35:27
  • Kommentar från Craig Stephens

    The rooms are cramped. The bathrooms are dirty and smelly. The noise from the road is very loud. The whole hostel feels dirty and smells bad since there is no proper ventilation.

    //Craig Stephens

    2016-07-13 06:03:54
  • Kommentar från Adrian Lattes Grassi

    Pesimo hostel. Dejalo como ultima opcion para pasar la noche en Estocolmo.

    //Adrian Lattes Grassi

    2016-08-10 11:24:06
  • Kommentar från Samantha Lloyd

    Pretty good. Not a lot of space in the rooms or the hostel, kitchen is cramped. Comfortable enough and decent location.

    //Samantha Lloyd

    2016-08-17 16:50:44
  • Kommentar från moh ry

    Very bad hostel the staff is very rude and rooms are bad.

    //moh ry

    2016-08-11 14:39:07
  • Kommentar från backupcoolm3n

    I went here a year and a half ago on a two month long eurotrip. This was the first hostel I stayed at and by far the worst. Don't go here. Sterile, far from everything, crowded, not overly clean.


    2016-09-13 19:44:22
  • Kommentar från Nathan Guo

    Well it is definitely the cheap one, even for a swedish hostel. The location and cleanliness is ok. Yet the main problem remains in sound proof and noisy corridor. if you are a light sleeper, it is not recommanded. The bed itself is so sensitive and generates so many noises. Additionally the comforter is thin and small. Also The receptionist is not so helpful and inpatient.

    //Nathan Guo

    2016-10-09 13:18:58
  • Kommentar från Igor Caleta-Car

    Not the worst place. It is warm, beds are nice. Showers are shared. Worth taking a look of you are on a budget and don't mind more people in one room.

    //Igor Caleta-Car

    2017-01-04 17:57:25
  • Kommentar från Jenny choi

    I think some of the reviewers were wanting more interaction with the staff. I personally found the lack of interaction with the staff to be quite nice! There's no arranging for check in needed since everything is automated. After you book, you receive an email with the codes for entering the building and entering your room. Please be advised that there is an extra charge for sheets, but it seemed that this was common for this area for hostels. The location is also excellent. I liked that it was very close to a T-bana station. While it's not central to all the tourist attractions (I actually prefer this), it does not take much time at all to get to where you need to as Stockholm is not very big.

    //Jenny choi

    2016-11-23 05:33:47
  • Kommentar från Béatrice Karjalainen

    A good place for sleep, almost no social areas thou and no kitchen.

    //Béatrice Karjalainen

    2017-01-13 21:04:23
  • Kommentar från Andreea Radici

    Friendly staff, good and accesible location.

    //Andreea Radici

    2017-01-07 09:23:48
  • Kommentar från Noir P

    優點:Acco hostel距離地鐵Zinkensdamm站走路約三分鐘,附近有個制高點可以眺望市政廳及舊城區,夏日傍晚適合在此放空或野餐;女性適合住進女性六人房,房內有保險櫃可以保管貴重物品,床鋪乾淨柔軟,淋浴間外也有吹風機可使用,在房內wifi很強。 缺點:廚房極小,過了晚上六點只能使用微波爐弄吃的東西,每個房間離得太近,使用密碼鎖的門把容易撞擊發出聲響,怕吵的人記得攜帶耳塞。

    //Noir P

    2017-03-21 13:08:57
  • Kommentar från David Vargas Carrillo

    Location is OK. It's 30 minutes from city center walking but it has metro stations near and nice cafés and restaurants. The hostel is clean and provides everything a host need. Mattresses are a little thin and might not be too comfortable for some people. In the hostel everything is automatic, working with codes, so reception is not always open.

    //David Vargas Carrillo

    2017-03-17 19:33:27
  • Kommentar från Dominik Vlahović

    Cheapest hostel there. Good enough for start and staff is helpful. The only problem is that some rooms have no window.

    //Dominik Vlahović

    2017-03-19 12:59:34
  • Kommentar från Robin Holmqvist

    The location is great. We took a 50 minute walk to Globen since we are used to walking. And it's about a 40 minute walk from the Central Station. If you want to take the train/Subway instead there's a station only a short distance away called the Zinkensdamm. As with other hostels i would recommend to bring your own bed sheets, just in case, but they were really nice at this place and I enjoyed talking to Matt who is running the place. It loses a star from me due to the other guests being loud and noisy right outside our room at 12.30 - 1.30 at night. The "kitchen" could be moved to a different area to avoid this. Anyhow, this is a great and cheap place to stay at if you want to save some coins and still be close to the centre of Stockholm.

    //Robin Holmqvist

    2017-05-18 09:19:16
  • Kommentar från Taylor Colpitts

    Great location for a good price. Rooms are a reasonable size. Showers aren't the nicest,but they get the job done.

    //Taylor Colpitts

    2017-04-15 21:02:44
  • Kommentar från Igor Lenz

    Nice. It's cheap. They have beds and warm shower. It's tidy and modern. What more do you want?

    //Igor Lenz

    2017-04-14 14:50:40
  • Kommentar från David Vargas

    Location is OK. It's 30 minutes from city center walking but it has metro stations near and nice cafés and restaurants. The hostel is clean and provides everything a host need. Mattresses are a little thin and might not be too comfortable for some people. In the hostel everything is automatic, working with codes, so reception is not always open.

    //David Vargas

    2017-03-17 19:33:27
  • Kommentar från Philip Straughn

    The sheets were clean and the beds were fine. The heat was set to high in the rooms though. The codes on the doors often didn't work even when inputted currently. The hot plate is only available when reception is open, and reception closes early in the afternoon. When reception is closed, you have to post on your Facebook wall to check-in​.

    //Philip Straughn

    2017-06-01 11:36:11
  • Kommentar från Doruntina Cela

    My first experience in ACCO hostel, and I had the best experience and Ernesto is the most hilarious dude of the reception. Five Stars ( I'd give more but max is 5)

    //Doruntina Cela

    2017-06-12 10:58:38
  • Kommentar från Julian Mayorga

    Gut. Etwas anderes, es ist fast wie Self-Service aber man hat allen, was man braucht. Niedriger Preis

    //Julian Mayorga

    2017-06-24 06:03:34
  • Kommentar från Nithin Ramesh

    The Acco hostel is a budget place to stay. No doubt about it. But along with low prices, comes a surly receptionist who answers in short, terse and even downright rude mails to questions. When we visited, we had to complete the payment of the rooms at the hostel since online payment didn't work. There is no mention of lunch hours on the booking site, yet, we waited for close to an hour because the reception was closed during "lunch". Imagine our surprise when the receptionist was the same person wandering up and down the halls for the past thirty minutes and could see people waiting for him! On check in, we were charged 60 sek extra for covers and sheets, which though reasonable, wasn't mentioned in the booking. The pillows and the beds themselves were disgusting, if I were putting things mildly. There was hair and dirt on them all and it was all we could manage to put on the covers. The sleep in the night isn't something you would look forward to either. It was summer in Stockholm, the ventilation was poor. Our choices to escape from the stuffy heat that permeated the place was to either tolerate it or open the window. With the window open, you can hear cars buzzing around all night, since the place is right beside a main road. All in all, it was one of the less pleasant hostels I have visited and would not wish to book a bed there again!!

    //Nithin Ramesh

    2017-07-05 10:16:32
  • Kommentar från Erik Winnerstam

    Jätte trevliga rum, även om de är små. Modernt och väl skött, perfekt för studenter.

    //Erik Winnerstam

    2017-08-07 08:32:25
  • Kommentar från Samuel Thalhammer

    Das Zimmer war klein aber in gutem Zustand. Leider kein Frühstück und die Küche zu klein! Der Service war super. Unkompliziert und für 60 Kronen wurde die Wäsche für einen gewaschen. Die sanitären Anlagen waren einfach aber einigermaßen sauber. Teils etwas kaputt. Im Ganzen aber zu empfehlen. Mit der U-Bahn ist man schnell im Stadtkern.

    //Samuel Thalhammer

    2017-08-19 18:57:07
  • Kommentar från Laura Navarro

    we stayed there 11 days. our door's code didn't worķ for 3 days till it got fixed, so our room couldn't be closed with security. finally, code got fixed but then door didn't close from outside. a pipe broke and toilet seemed to be a swimming pool for several days. only 4 toilets for all the people staying there.... what a messy place!

    //Laura Navarro

    2017-08-23 10:50:59
  • Kommentar från Franz Ludwig Kostelezky

    Oftmals keine Rezeption vor Ort: Unbedingt vor Anreise überprüfen, ob man die Codes für die Zimmer bekommen hat! Enge Schlafzimmer: Keine Privatsphäre im Zimmer für 10, das eigentlich ein Zimmer für 12 ist. Für Backpacker geeignet, da es kostengünstig ist.

    //Franz Ludwig Kostelezky

    2017-08-18 20:23:17
  • Kommentar från claudio romero

    Lugar muy incómodo para compartir habitaciones. Carece de lugares en comunes, limpieza muy deficiente , y personal muy poco amable sobre todo la chica tatuada que está en recepción que lo único que hace es escuchar música todo el día y cuando uno le habla o la saca de su zona de confort se enoja. La verdad es que no lo recomiendo porque no lo van a pasar bien y eso se los garantizo.

    //claudio romero

    2017-09-14 05:36:22
  • Kommentar från natalie spatz

    Po drugie stronie ulicy od lotniska, czysto, łazienki znośne, obsługa bardzo miła, śniadanie w formie bufetu, którym można się najeść aż do obiadu. Polecam.

    //natalie spatz

    2017-09-20 09:01:01
  • Kommentar från Kunda Emmanuel

    Inte att rekommendera

    //Kunda Emmanuel

    2017-10-02 07:16:22
  • Kommentar från mohammad 7


    //mohammad 7

    2017-10-08 09:32:20
  • Kommentar från Anabel Rittscher

    12 Bett Zimmer war in Ordnung. Rezeption so gut wie nie besetzt. Toiletten waren halbwegs sauber. 3er Frauendusche.. Abfluss war verstopft alles stand unter Wasser. Handtücher haben gestunken...

    //Anabel Rittscher

    2017-10-04 14:32:30
  • Kommentar från Natalie Shalverchuk

    Как для первого раза в Стокгольме, мне понравилось. Расположение позволяет дойти до любого туристического места пешком, не тратясь на проезд. Очень хороший и удобный район. По выходным в хостеле очень много постояльцев, поэтому утром и вечером, чтоб попасть в душ, туалет или даже на кухню, приходится ждать в очереди.

    //Natalie Shalverchuk

    2017-11-29 08:50:03
  • Kommentar från Yusuf Mahdi

    Fin miljö, fräscht

    //Yusuf Mahdi

    2018-01-07 19:35:55
  • Kommentar från San Rup

    Preis-Leistung stimmt. Zimmer sind angenehm, es ist nur sehr Hellhörig. Nahe dem Zentrum und in der Nähe des Hipsterfirtels von Stockholm :)

    //San Rup

    2018-02-07 13:34:47
  • Kommentar från Joyseph M

    Fin miljö, fräscht

    //Joyseph M

    2018-01-07 19:35:55
  • Kommentar från Erik Ejnare


    //Erik Ejnare

    2018-02-23 05:54:00
  • Kommentar från Yusuf M

    Fin miljö, fräscht

    //Yusuf M

    2018-01-07 19:35:55

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